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Why would I listen to a medical intuitive? Or listen to a guy that listen to a guy (an invisible one) that talks into his ear? All too weird for one part of my brain to comprehend.

Yet, it is the only thing that got things better.


We thought we were eating healthy. We had cut out refined sugar, artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, and had a vegetarian diet for several years.

Yet, a number of mystery symptoms took their toll on my daughter’s health and got significantly worse through elementary school.

By 5th grade, it became extreme. High fevers, severe stomach pain, purplish dark circles under her eyes, ashy looking skin, extreme fatigue, constant temperature spikes, tremors/feeling prickly as temperature spiked, acid reflux, sore throats, headaches, allergies, and more.

It became so bad that my daughter couldn't even get through her dance classes without feeling sick, shaky and extremely fatigued. It was never like that before.

Something had gone seriously wrong.


With repeated temperature spikes and constant low grade fevers, it had to be more serious…was it a virus or bacteria? What to do!?!?

The “healthy” diet we thought we had wasn’t enough.

We had tested for strep at the pediatrician’s office many times during elementary school--always negative. We had her stomach checked over the years as well—no problems.

Yet, there was something very wrong.

Therefore, I would try a different route. I made an appointment with my friend Catherine, a medical intuitive healer, to see if she could help determine what was behind the problems. We were open to her advice. We at least wanted a starting point for direction.


In an almost magical like tuning in, Catherine went through her process of scanning the energy systems and organs using kinesiology/muscle testing and more. She immediately sensed where there was trouble.

”Bacteria,” she said. “Bad bacteria in the lower stomach. Really bad.“

By the look on her face and seriousness in delivery of her words I knew, in fact, it was very bad.

She then tested food allergies/sensitivity. She immediately detected a list of foods —one by one to avoid: ❌Gluten. ❌Dairy.❌ Eggs. ❌ MSG (everyone should avoid at all costs) and Shellfish.

She said avoid all these things and come back in one month. We did.

My daughter’s immense system was at 22% on this first visit. When we returned after one month of avoiding all of the above, her immune system jumped to 44%. Doubled!

This long time bacteria in her system must have been there for a while as it started to affect her other organs, endocrine system and overall immune system causing a serous decline in health.

She was feeling so much better in that short time period and symptoms were significantly decreasing. There would be no turning back. We’d keep these troublemaker foods out going forward.

What was really right

In the meantime, I decided it was a good time to dig deeper into the work of Anthony William aka The Medical Medium. I was familiar with his work and knew it was filled with important information. Yet, I put off really looking deeply into it—until now. (Most people won’t look at his work unless they’re really sick and all other resources have been exhausted).

There it was—nearly identical to the suggestions medical intuitive Catherine suggested: remove ❌gluten, ❌dairy, ❌eggs and more.

These foods can feed pathogens. Pathogens are behind so many symptoms and sickness these days. Viruses and bacteria are a huge culprit to problems we are only beginning to know about.

Furthermore, the symptoms that strep causes, according to the information he delivers, were practically parallel with what my daughter had been dealing with for so long. Catherine detected bad bacteria behind so many of my daughter’s problems. The information from both of these sources matched.

Thankful beyond measure for Catherine’s suggestions and to Anthony William, The Medical Medium. I can’t imagine where we would be without them.

Winnipeg, Canada - My son and I on set while visiting my daughter where she was filming a Christmas movie. See the green drink in the background? It sparked a conversation on celery juice, a conversation on Anthony William, and other green drinks!.

Ironically, we talked about Anthony William ‘The Medical Medium‘ and celery juice while my daughter was on set filming a Christmas movie in Canada. When I heard an actress talk about celery juice and the benefits it has, I knew she had to be talking about the Medical Medium. (She was).

In fact, if you look in the background while we were in holding between scenes, you can see the green drink that struck up the celery juice conversation.

The problem(s)

Fevers (103+)

Stomach pain (sometimes severe)

Sore throats

Acid reflux

Allergic reactions to certain foods and skin care products


Sore joints

Muscle tremors/shakiness as fevers struck

Extreme fatigue


Dark under eye circles


✅Cut out troublemaker foods that fed the problems/pathogens: ❌dairy ❌eggs ❌gluten.

✅Added a variety of healing foods (fruits, vegetables, herbs, green juice)

✅Added vitamin & mineral supplements, such as Zinc, B12 and more.

✅Followed Catherine’s recommendations to remove problem foods for my daughter.

✅Drank celery juice regularly! (See Medical Medium for details on how it works.)

✅Medical Medium lifestyle

In order to get better, we had to change everything we thought was right and ‘healthy’.

The result(s)

It has been over three years and the symptoms we dealt with for so long have left: Fever free for over three years! No sore throats, no acid reflux, no stomach pain, no tremors, no dark circles under eyes, no extreme fatigue and more.

Pathogens were killed and/or minimized; thus, creating a stronger immune system.

And the whole family has made this a way of life. We all feel better and didn‘t realize how ‘not good’ we felt previously.

A special thank you to Anthony William aka ‘The Medical Medium with Spirit of Compassion, and Catherine, Medical Intuitive Healer.

Together, they brought solutions to problems and helped restore the health of not only our (then) 11 year old, but to our entire family. It has been a re-education process of everything we thought we knew.

Forever thankful 🙏


Make no mistake—there is no quick fix and there is a lot of work involved. It takes commitment, focus, and a willingness to not go along with what everyone else might be doing. Our health and well-being are worth it.



November 2021 we made a follow up appointment with Catherine as a check in. My daughter’s immune system was over 80%. Significant leaps in comparison to the 22% in late 2019.

January 2022 we had to plan to film for two months in Canada. It would be the first major filming project since covid and since we’ve cleared my daughter’s symptoms. How would it go on set for two months?! It’s hard to be dairy free, gluten free, egg free, etc. To our surprise, we got to set in Canada to find out the director of the film is dairy free, gluten free. His assistant had an entire list of vegan friendly restaurants in the Montreal area. The Child Labor Coordinator was also dairy & gluten free. We weren’t the only ones!

I should note that the Director of this film was 73 years old, filming 12-15 hour days in 15 degree weather most days. He had more energy than some 50 year olds I know.

Story (short version) first posted here on A Beyond Reel Life blog, behind the scenes in TV/Film and beyond.



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