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It's a Vibrational World, and You're Not Just Physical

From Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention by Penney Peirce:

"Time acceleration is part of the evolution process, and it causes you to know yourself, everyone else, and everything else as energy-and consciousness-based rather than as slow, solid bodies or objects separated by empty space. You’re vibrating at a higher frequency, and that means you can feel other forms vibrating, too. At a higher frequency, you experience the world as a vibrational world, full of a symphony of tones. You notice energy inside and between everything, then notice that energy is connected to consciousness. You notice that when you change your energy level, your consciousness changes; when you shift your consciousness, your energy shifts, too. Everything is vibrating and conscious at its own particular frequency. There’s no space devoid of energy-and-consciousness. As the energy-and-consciousness in the world accelerate, it takes less time for things to happen. Energy, consciousness, and time are all interconnected.

As energy, consciousness, and time speed up, processes become more instantaneous. Cause-and-effect ceases to be the primary rule for materializing results; miraculous, mysterious, immediate results occur with no logical explanation. You experience the fact that much more is contained in the present moment than ever before; the Now is mushrooming to include increasing amounts of the past and future. Without the old linear, cause-and-effect, past-future thinking, the way reality functions — how you make life real to yourself — changes. Everything is easier. What you want to create happens effortlessly, in a twinkling. Frustrations dissolve. Negative emotion has no usefulness. You don’t feel isolated; you have support.

The result of this is that you think of yourself differently. Your fundamental identity evolves and you become a new kind of human. The old contracted, dominating, ego-self fades, revealing a much greater potential self, which now rises from the ashes like the phoenix from its funeral pyre. This is transformation, a part of our overall evolution; it’s the beginning of knowing yourself fully. You have a very real felt-sense of soul, in your body, as your personality, all the time. As you make the shift from one reality to the next, from one identity to the next more expansive one, your energy-and-consciousness increase dramatically. Your options increase, your potential increases, Your human abilities increase. You are not the same person, yet you are more of who you really are.

| "You make a stunning leap of perception as you enter the Intuition Age."

You make a stunning leap of perception as you enter the Intuition Age. The new high-frequency perception grows from unity principles; you understand how the inner, energy-and-consciousness world and the outer, physical world work as a seamless whole. You can access information from dimensions or frequencies of consciousness you didn’t realize could even exist previously. What used to be separate now convenes — left-right brain, head-heart, body-mind, soul-personality, inside-outside world. These integrations expand you into new territory.

"Compassion becomes the main evolutionary force, a crucial part of the new consciousness that will ensure success and planetary survival."

Copyright by Penney Peirce, from Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention by Penney Peirce. Posted with permission.


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