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"Just for today, find time to connect with the Earth" Elly Molina had posted on her page.

Nature and animals seem to speak a unique language. Whether it's through a fox, hawk, eagle, or river otters that appear at random times, it often turns out to be not so random after all.

We've learned to notice these little things. Sometimes they turn out to be big things.

A few years ago, my husband was at the lake house by himself to work on some major renovations after losing both of his parents within two years of each other. It was a form of therapy and a way to honor his parents.

A few of the strangest things happened on those trips when he was alone at the lake.


FOX #1

At midnight late February, one of his first trips alone to the lake, he woke up to this loud screeching sound outside the window. There was a fox staring at him in the window. It didn't run away—it barked again.


What was even more strange, the next morning we realized what day it was. It was the exact one year anniversary of the day MaMaw (his mom) had died. The fox showed up at the midnight, as the clock struck midnight to enter in the day that MaMaw had died.

In all the years the lake house had been in the family, a fox never dared to walk onto the porch in such close proximity to people. Then to BARK at him right outside the windows on the porch!?


FOX #2

Even 'weirder', it happened again. Only this time, the little fox showed up in the middle of night a year later at the lake house. Again, relevance to the time/date.

This time, the fox showed up on what would have been his mom’s birthday!

The spirit world has a way of communicating via the natural world. Native Americans refer to this throughout history.

Right around this time I saw a post on a friend's social media page with a picture of a fox that appeared at her house. In the comments, one of her friends posted that a similar thing happened...a fox barked outside her window the night before her mother-in-law died.

We could rationalize away that an appearance of a fox is purely coincidence with zero meaning. We didn't though. Synchronicity is the word we often use. It connects and reveals the subtle meanings in things, people, animals, things, events.

Too many related 'coincidences' connected about the mother-in-law.

1) First, the anniversary of the day she died (at midnight of that date the fox appears!

2) Then, the night of her birthday exactly one year later.

3) Now, this conversation on my friend's timeline about a fox and a mother-in-law.

And it keeps getting weirder.

FOX #3

At home in Atlanta last winter, perhaps the strangest of all fox appearances yet. It was mid-morning and my little boy looked out the window into our woods...there was a red fox staring at him from the edge of the woods.

I thought it was a coyote because coyotes are more common. Wrong.

Just like with his dad while in Mississippi, the fox stayed there long enough to be noticed. It was not scared and it starred right at us through the windows for a while before darting off deep into woods.

In the seven years of living at our house, we've never witnessed a fox. We know they run through the forest, but they normally like to run at night--and fast and far away from people.

This fox did not run away.

I had to look at the dates. Was this a date affiliated with my mother-in-law or someone that would be like a mother / grandmother to the kids like the previous fox appearances? Nothing that we could connect.

We couldn't help to worry that this fox was alerting us to someone that would be like a mother-in-law to us / someone like a grandmother to the kids? Or a close friend's mother? That would be TOO WEIRD.

THEN...two hours later our doorbell rang.

It was our close friend and neighbor letting us know that they would be leaving for Finland in the morning...her mother had died during the night.

Not that every fox barking is an alert of someone's mother or mother-in-law/Ma-Maw; however, it was the way the spirit world seemed to want to communicate with us. For each person, an animal--or whatever it is from nature--likely has its own meaning or way of communicating. For us, it was clearly connected to messages related to mother-in-law to us (a MaMaw/grandma to the kids). happened yet again!

And it gets weirder each time.

FOX #4!!!

And the fox would appear again! On another significant date.

“Once you begin connecting consciously to the unseen world, you can learn to speak its language. It’s full of symbols, scents, riddles, jokes, and even sounds—all of which are selected to mean something to you.” -Sonia Choquette in Ask Your Guides.

We'll continue to notice hawks, eagles, river otters, hummingbirds and especially ladybugs.


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