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The Things We Overhear from Kids

We might hear about Angels, Spirit, God and life beyond the clouds. We should listen.

One morning as we sat on the back porch, I overheard of our kids talking about larger than life things while looking out the window.

"God is all around us," said Michaela, then 7 years old.

"NO, God is up there beyond those clouds!" said her little brother emphatically as they stood at the windows looking out far beyond the clouds.

They went back and forth with this for a moment and added more details.

Little brother, age 4, explained to his sister:

"God opens those clouds. The Angels sit next to Him. He reaches down, along with the Angels, and they scoop everyone up off the road and take them up there. I know, I saw it."

"He can reach through the walls of houses and knows no boundaries," he added.

I listened. I wanted to hear more.


Sometimes the best thing we can do is listen. And learn.

Children are not as jaded as so many adults have become. They might see parents slay away at their endless 'To Do' lists day in and day out, and/or dominate the days with goals and 'accomplishments' on our road to our idea of 'success'. Our logical world and left brains can dominate our right brain world of creativity and imagination.

We, as adults, can easily lose the world of imagination or connection to spirit. We can then impose those limited views on our kids—or the world around us—just because we might not see magic. We, therefore, place our limited perception onto their expansive views.

"If we want to influence society and the future of the world, we're going to have to upgrade our conversation with our young people." -Elly Molina

Vibes, energy, and intuition are common conversations at our house. Their ability to tune into the world of energy and the frequency of spirit and Angels is often innate in kids. If we listen, conversations elevate on all levels.


When I thought further about our little boy's conversation later that morning about God and all the Angels picking everyone up off the ground who had died, I realized what the date was.

It was the morning/anniversary of 9/11.

They weren't born yet when the 9/11 tragedy forever changed America and my little boy was too young to know or understand what this tragic event was in history. Yet, there was something about the conversation that morning that was timeless.

My (then) 4 year old spoke with such a certainty that even if it was all his imagination, the details of his vision were real enough to inspire larger and brighter conversations.

In holding the space for children to speak about what they see, feel, or know, they can help adults see beyond the clouds, too.

"Although we live in a technological age that generally prizes logic and disparages intuition, there is still a part of you that is intimately connected to the invisible world of energy that is around you."  -Denise Linn, from Energy Strands


More on children and Imagination & Creativity:


Highly recommend Children Who Know How to Know by Elly Molina. She explains how our beliefs construct our world views and provides resources for parents and children:

Children Who Know How to Know: A resource guide for helping children develop and utilize their powerful intuitive abilities by Elly Molina


'Unclutter Your Mind! What's Underneath? by Penney Peirce.

'From Talk to Triumph' by Elly Molina.




I recently listened to a friend talk about the two near death experiences she had. The second one she woke up in the hospital with her room filled with what felt gold light and an undeniable presence. In that presence, she knew she would going home, she was getting better despite what the diagnosis and outlook that had been given. She did go home and lives a healthy, happy, prosperous and spirit filled life.

Maybe the same angelic filled light that lifts people up also helps to send people back and keep them here is it’s not their time to leave?



Anthony Williams aka The Medical Medium shared a story on one of his podcasts from several years ago about a person who shared a story with him. It was about another person who had a near death experience and an angelic like presence of Spirit that came down. It was able to go through walls and come down to this realm to help.



Denise Linn talks about encounters with what she describe as angels who were there to re-direct her life and significant moments.

Some of the details were so parallel to what my little boy at age 4 described above.


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